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Sparkling Water 330 ml
Pack of 30 Bottles

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Sparkling Water 330 ml
Pack of 30 Bottles


Natural mineral water is original, wholesome and comes from the purest of sources available to Mankind. The composition can vary depending on the geological characteristics of the region from where the water is sourced. The pristine and ecological natural surroundings create a robust, refreshing flavour that is satisfying for the soul and body.



The natural filtration of water is the closest to be obtained from the original source, which is showers from above. The first resource that touches snow or rainwater are the mountains and hills.

The natural filtration of water refers to the process by which this water is further purified and cleansed. Water permeates and moves through various layers of soil, rock, and other geological formations in the Earth. This natural filtration process helps remove impurities, sediment, and contaminants, resulting in cleaner and often safer water. During this Natural filtration process, water retains its Natural Minerals intact.

Benefits of Rhythm

1. Altitude 11000 Feet – At this Altitude Rhythm of water is undisturbed
2. Giri Ganga – From the Divine Source
3. Energized with Music – Ancient way of living
4. Pristine of Himalayas – Renowned for its Spirituality, Science and Culture
5. Natural Minerals – Minerals with more bioavailability which increase metabolism.

1 review for Sparkling Water 330 ml
Pack of 30 Bottles

  1. Vishnu S

    Good product, ordered again

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