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Meet Rajathi Kalimuthan, a Water Sommelier in India, promoting the importance of drinking the ‘RIGHT’ water.

What does the term ‘Water Sommelier’ mean?

We often take water for granted, assuming all glasses are created equal. But for those who pay closer attention, taste can vary significantly. But the reality is, water can be as diverse and fascinating as a fine wine. The taste we experience goes beyond simple hydration and is directly linked to the water’s mineral content. Just like in different cities, tap water can vary with some sources tasting clean and refreshing while others have a distinct chemical flavour. Even bottled water brands offer a surprising range of tastes and potential health benefits, all depending on the water’s mineral content.

This is where a water sommelier steps in. Water sommeliers are experts trained to appreciate the subtle variations in water from different sources. Just like a wine sommelier can identify grape varietals and regions based on taste, water sommeliers can identify the subtle differences in mineral content, carbonation, age, and origin that influence a water’s taste and potential health benefits. Water hardness, pH level, and even the source (spring, glacier, etc.) all play a role in the water’s unique profile. This expertise allows them to educate people about the surprising diversity of water and help them choose the perfect type to suit their palate and dietary needs.

Rajathi Kalimuthan - Water Sommelier in India

What do they do & why do they exist?

Water sommeliers, with their keen senses and scientific minds, unveil the secret hidden within each drop. They travel to pristine sources, learning about mountain springs and glacial wells. But their journey doesn’t end there. Water sommeliers become masters by tasting and learning how the minerals within water create unique flavours. Opting for natural mineral water means you’re not just drinking, you’re nourishing your body with nature’s finest minerals. They understand the importance of ethical sourcing and bottling methods, ensuring the water we drink is as pure as nature intended.

Because, just like wine, not all water is created equal. The nuances of water only reveal themselves to those who dedicate their time and effort to understanding what our odourless and colourless elixir contains. The more we know about what we drink, the healthier and happier we can be.

Where can we find the best kind of water in India?

For healthy daily hydration, natural mineral water is a great choice in India. It has minerals your body needs and is bacteria-free, just like nature intended. These minerals come from the earth, not from machines or artificial processes.

What’s under the ground affects the minerals in water. Himalayan spring water and natural mineral water are both underground, but natural mineral water travels deep underground for a long time. It comes from protected areas with water locked away. Rain seeps down and fills up spaces under the ground, like rivers and lakes, but way down. As this water flows through rocks, it picks up minerals. Examples include calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. The amount depends on the kind of rock. How hot or cold it is, the pressure and other things in the water also affect how many minerals it can hold. In short, the rocks and the conditions underground give the water its unique mix of minerals and taste. In India, there are only a few places with such protected natural mineral water sources. 


Water sommeliers don’t just drink and test water, they learn all about it. They care where the water comes from and how to keep it clean. While water covers 71% of the Earth, only a mere 1.2% is suitable for drinking. They advocate for ethical and sustainable water sourcing, raising awareness about the preciousness of this resource. Their expertise goes beyond the palate; they champion the idea that water has value and can significantly enhance your health and lifestyle. This very thought inspired Rajathi Kalimuthan‘s journey. After becoming a certified water sommelier in Germany, her perspective on water shifted. Determined to make natural mineral water accessible, she founded ‘Rhythm,’ a brand offering Himalayan mineral water, aiming to improve lives through water quality. Her story is a testament to the influence of water sommeliers and their dedication to a better future.

Rhythm - Natural Mineral Water

What makes it so special?

Rhythm isn’t just any water; it’s the combination of purity and health. Rajathi Kalimuthan spent over 4 years in research & development, travelled to more than 11 countries, met with over 21 specialists, and travelled over 36,900 miles to make sure Rhythm delivers the freshest, cleanest, and healthiest water possible. Rhythm, sourced from Giri Ganga, has been filtered for over 20 years, picking up beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and bicarbonates along the way. These minerals occur naturally and are absorbed by your body much better than those artificially added, according to the National Institutes of Health, USA.

Staying healthy is all about what happens inside your body. Proper hydration is the first step and the type of water you drink matters. So, when you’re planning a healthy diet, take a moment to re-evaluate how your water intake contributes to your diet. While water itself isn’t a replacement for medicine or supplements, it plays a vital role in your daily mineral intake. Hence, if bottled water is your go-to drink, choose a brand like Rhythm that boasts its purity and richness in minerals.

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