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Exploring the Liquid Symphony: A Journal on Water's Dance with Life, Reflecting on Its Mysteries and the Inseparable Bond We Share

Rajathi Kalimuthan - Water Sommelier in India

Rajathi Kalimuthan

A few years ago, I didn't strike the balance between personal and professional life. I missed taking care of my well-being. During one of my health check-ups, I discovered that my biological age is almost double my chronological age. After interacting with various holistic experts, it became evident that the imbalance was linked to the right consumption of water and my hydration habits. The phrase "Right water" alarmed me, prompting me to delve deeper into the subject. I pursued a course in Germany and emerged as a Water Sommelier, discovering a newfound passion for water. This journey enlightened my vision, inspiring me to offer natural mineral water from India.

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